Relaunch Concert: feedback….


“ It was a wonderful experience playing as part of the Forest Prep Quartet in the Schubert Ensemble. We played a piece called ‘Hide in the attic’ and had to practice for 5 weeks. The name really fitted the piece. The three workshops with the Lawson Trio gave us a boost. My favorite part of the piece is my improvisation section at the end.” Danny Drennan, Year 6

“I thoroughly enjoyed playing ‘Hide in the Attic’ by Piers Hellawell at Kings Place although I was a bit scared performing in front of the audience. I loved the piece and the way that Piers Hellawell created loads of spooky sounds using different techniques. I learnt so much from the experience practicing with professional musicians and loved being part of the quartet.” Dominic Bury Year 6

“I very much enjoyed my visit with Will Telling, Dominic Bury and Danny Drennan. We were a quartet. We had two violins, one cello and a piano. We had a funny time back stage but got last minute nerves, (this led to going to the toilet a thousand times!). On stage it was amazing, because the actual concert hall had a great atmosphere and I felt like I was a proper musician. That will be a life time memory for all of us.” Angelo Donovan-Maddix Year 5

“At first I found Kings Place intimidating. The syncopated rhythm kept changing so required the utmost concentration. I was nervous when I got on stage but when we started it was fine and flew by. I think it went well and that the audience liked it. I enjoyed it and would definitely like to take part in a similar event.” Will Telling Year 5

“What was wonderful was seeing the pupils rehearsing and performing on stage and experiencing what it is like to be a professional musician, even down to details such as the heat and brightness of the lights on the stage and how the hall sounds. One of our pupils was even worried she may damage the pristine Steinway concert grand piano! It is no wonder the pupils were buzzing after their Kings Place debut, having performed cutting edge music in a cutting edge venue!”

Mr Iain McGregor Director of Music at Forest School



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